The FOMO Is Real....

Let me put this scenario out there for you...

You see the real estate market heating up and start to think, you know it might a be a good time to see what our home is worth. You head over to the good ol' trustworthy Google search and enter, "What is my home worth?". BOOM, you are hit with a barrage of realtors, online brokerages, and every single person investing in that form of advertising trying to get your business. Now you are overwhelmed with people contacting you for your home to be sold. Some go as far as to overprice and underdeliver and all the while you were just wanting to know if you could take advantage of the hot market we are in.

If this has happened to you online where you have gotten to a point where you've gotten upset with the person on the phone with you or this approach completely turns you off from selling altogether, you aren't alone. Most people start their search online by looking for a home or using an online tool that claims to know the value of their home first before speaking to a professional.

But can I tell you a little secret? That form of advertising is only effective 2-5% of the time.

So you might be thinking to yourself, how do agents maintain a steady flow of business to keep our businesses alive? It's by being your trusted advisor and the agent you can trust to refer to your friends and family.

I bring up this form of getting to know what your home is worth because it's important to understand there is so much more involved with selling your home. And I don't mean what we do as agents to get your home sold for top dollar, it's what you have to go through to complete the sale and ultimately find something new.

For sellers, it is an ordeal to sell your home. Right now, I have three sellers that are either waiting for tenants to leave, need to prepare the home they have lived and had their children in, and one that is potentially looking to retire. An online tool will not take these things into account when giving you a number to sell your home. Your trusted advisor does.

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in this market is very real. When you read my market blogs (click here) and see prices increasing year over year by 9%, you want to act, without a doubt. But can you? Where would you go and is there inventory for you to select from?

You see new home buyers have it relatively easy in that they are entering the market. Retirees as well that want to sell their single-family home to move into a condo lifestyle as well. If you are entering or leaving the market where it is hot right now, you are at an advantage.

But if you are a growing family that wants to increase the size of your home for the addition to the family, this decision to sell is hard because you might not find the right home right away.

Or you are a retiree that wants a bungalow that has all you need on a single floor, it might not be available right now. What do you do?

This is where we, your trusted advisors will work with you to help you find the right solution that works for you. Selling right now might get you the highest return in the last 5 years, but we also have to take into account the other side and make sure you are taken care of after the sale.

If I can have the great fortune of being your trusted advisor, I will work with you to give you a plan for your sale that will give you the best marketing and skills for the sale as well as ensure your next home fits what you need.

Reach out anyway you'd like below and let's have a conversation about your home and your options.


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