When its Dark, All It Takes Is A Spark.

When I started my business back in 2015 I had no clue of where to start to become successful. When you are at that stage, you look to every resource you can find to help you start generating some kind of business.

But when I started, I was like anyone else new. I had this false perception in my mind that the minute I get licensed, the business will roll in from all my friends and family and I will be an instant success story!

Well, that didn’t happen. The very opposite happened.

Here is what happened in my first year in the business.

If you have read my previous stories, you will remember my first set of buyer clients weren’t anyone I knew. They were internet leads that had inquired about a property online. Not a friend or family member.

While I was studying at the UofC, I had a close-knit of friends that I had the great opportunity to grow with throughout our school days. These were some of the most genuine group of guys you could meet. We had our adventures, went through some ups and downs and were close at that time. We took care of one another. Even after, we were groomsmen to each other’s weddings and continued to look out for one another.

Funny story, while I was WestJet after graduating, my friends had planned a trip to the Dominican. I could not make it because I was new to my role, but I made one of my friends (a groomsman at my wedding) my companion. If you don’t know, WestJet used to let employees and companions travel for $2.50 + tax anywhere they flew (I know, insane right!). Well, needless to say, he got to go for that rate to the Dominican. I got a job at Husky while they were away and had to wait in the role for them to return so he didn’t have to pay full airfare to come back.

We would do these things for one another, like family.

But that friend, he bought and sold his properties with another realtor. Another friend of ours to be clear. Without the chance to prove my worth to help.

They all did.

But that’s the nature of this business, I guess.

When you are first starting, having someone to have a little faith in you when you start is crucial to allow you to get your feet under you, build some confidence and believe that you can be successful. I thought this might come from my friends from school.

Little did I know it had taken someone outside of my inner circle that would give me that spark.

In university, I had the great opportunity to be a part of a student’s association. I got to serve many roles in the association throughout my years and got to spend a great amount of time with others outside my circle for friends. This led me to be introduced to Ms. K. She was president for a year while I had a position and we had built a great friendship. Our relationship was fortified by our common goal for the association at the time.

Fast forward to my very first listing, it was hers. It was my first week on the job and she had the faith in me to list her property with me during her separation. I tried my absolute best, but without any experience, we could not sell it and she ended up renting it out.

Turns out she has been renting it for 5 years (with cash flow) now and is now moving back into it after all this time.

But when I asked her why she went out on a limb to let me assist her, she told me she knew my work ethic, she appreciated my honest and my drive to want to succeed in this business. She gave me the confidence to stick with it.

Now, she’s referred me 4 times (one was her sister) and we have an amazing relationship, which is much stronger than our university days.

All it takes is one person to have faith in you for you to succeed. It may not come from close friends or family to start, but there is always one person.

Nearly 80 transactions later in 5 years, I’ve learned giving my clients the same service and drive to provide them excellence will allow me to continue to build these wonderful relationships and continue to fuel my business further.

That’s the story this week. I hope it wasn’t too dramatic this go around. Let me know what you think. Do you like these being a bit deeper or you prefer the lighthearted stories like gnome house from hell?

Take care and as always remember, it’s not just a house, it’s home. Let’s chat about how I can help you achieve your goals.

- Aly

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